An Open Letter to Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson on Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


The myriads of watchers worldwide who witnessed your testimony to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, on past August 14, 2015, somehow hoped to hear the “refreshing waters of compassionate truth” from one of the self-proclaimed only channel through which Jesus is feeding his people on Earth. But they were all wrong and all their hopes disappointed; again. For many others who are truly aware of how businesses are conducted within the organization, your public appearance and expressions were indeed sad and pathetic, but not unexpected.

We all watched with so much interest your testimony regarding the doctrine and policies of the Jehovah’s Witnesses when child abuse accusations are made in the congregations. It was chocking and embarrassing to see and hear how you, Geoffrey Jackson, tried to divert the subject, evade the questions, and simply lied in several occasions.

Yes, you lied. Repeatedly. But in your own doctrinal terms, it is called “Theocratic Warfare”; so you can cope with your rampaging cognitive dissonance. Few weeks ago, your Governing Body co-member Stephen Lett opened his bombastic and melodramatic mouth to accuse apostates of making these accusations up, and after all the evidence in Australia and basically every other single country where your organization conduct business and have a footprint, you still don’t have the human decency to directly admit it as corporate and religious propaganda against all the real victims and impartial viewers.

Listening to your testimony was extremely exhausting and annoying. Very similar to the boring 5 hours of brainwashing doctrine witnesses have to cope with every week during their kingdom hall meetings. It is repugnant and nauseating. Do you think you can trick us to see you as a humble person by over-repeating “thank you for that question” and “thank you for allowing me to explain” manufactured phrases? It was a sad joke hearing you talk, presumptuously, about having the “spiritual qualifications” to be part of the Governing Body. Obviously, as every member of the Governing body, you are just self-deceived into your own pharisaic righteousness.

You portrayed yourself as having a role of a “consultant” in the Teaching and Personnel committee. Any person who has an average knowledge of the organization knows that a “consultant” is a non-existent or non-official position or assignment. Where you trying to distance yourself from the hot seat? Who do you think you are trying to fool? Recently divorcees? Teenagers with emotional issues? Being part of the Personnel, Teaching, and Writing committees are your official assignments; therefore, everything that is written and taught as a doctrine for the millions of witnesses worldwide must have your approval. This includes all the doctrine relevant to the handling of child abuse allegations.

You also displayed yourself as a part of the “Guardians or Custodians of the Doctrine” but at the same time you mentioned that the “Helpers” are the ones who make recommendations and make policies. Why were you still trying to distance yourself from any responsibility? We all already know that those “helpers” may just write doctrinal documents, books, or magazines articles, but in the eyes of the 8 million of witnesses, they are not responsible, you and your Governing Body are. One of the basic pillars in the Jehovah’s Witness’s faith is that all “spiritual food” comes from the “Faithful and Discreet Slave”: as today, Samuel Herd, M. Stephen Lett, Gerrit Lösch, Anthony Morris III, Mark Sanderson, David H. Splane, and you Geoffrey Jackson.

It was especially pathetic and infuriating your, whether inability, or unwillingness to see the clear connection between Deuteronomy 22:27 and a case of child abuse. Even worse was your remarks about “asking Jesus” if these situations are in fact related. Both are clear examples of rape with no witnesses of the crime. This is just another proof of your lack of real empathy and the deep corporate vision you have regarding organizational matters. It is just not relevant and not credible the sentiment you wanted to share with who was representing the victim in the hearings. The bible is not your “constitution”; as you so firmly claimed. What is your constitution is the always-changing interpretation of your own manufactured translation of the bible.

At some point during the questioning, you mentioned that ““Subjection” means to be willing to accept direction”. That is just a politically correct answer; another form of deceitful ecclesiastic mumbo-jumbo and nobody buys it anymore. In practical terms, this “subjection” is enforced by spiritual, social, and emotional coercion and threats including accusations of being an apostate, a bad association, and disfellowshipping; with all the devastating consequences it brings. You were eager to prove that “what happens in people’s homes is beyond the jurisdiction of the elders” and you don’t run a “police state”. Did you forget when the Governing Body was trying to run how intimacy must be between married couples? Did you already forget how many marriages you and your doctrines destroyed? Did you forget how many kids died because of your biblical rules about vaccination and blood usage? All without a single “sorry” from your part? You also said that “it is not “my understanding” that discipline is needed if an elder visits an inactive witness and he finds evidence of a birthday or Christmas being celebrated. An inactive person who celebrate Christmas or birthdays and is not trying to change others is not handled judicially”. This is also completely false. Within the religion, we all have learned to police each other and to rat each other’s out to the elders, because we were brainwashed to be more loyal to an organization more that to our friends and love ones.

Further and particularly misleading, you mentioned that “elders should encourage the guardian of the child to notify the authorities“. You continued stating that “the assumption is that if elders see that there is a risk, their conscious should make them report”, and that “elders tell victims that they should go to the police”. You also stated that “if there is only one witnesses or no witnesses of the abuse you would hope that the conscience of the elders will make them to report to the police even if the parents don’t want to do that”. All of that are just bold and outright lies. Every witnesses involved in these type of accusations can comment about how elders just try to do the opposite so they can “avoid giving a bad name to Jehovah”. All the letters the Governing Body have sent to the body of elders worldwide over the years have strongly encouraged a widespread policy of secrecy and keeping the civil authorities away from the walls of the kingdom halls. The very reason why we have victims speaking up today about abuses from decades ago is exactly this tendency to not reporting the pedophiles elders, ministerial servants, pioneers, and even Governing Body members; such as the deceased Ted Jaracz. By the way, the world is safer now without him around. He must be disappointed though to find that in the Watchtower’s heaven there are no kids neither sex.

It was troubling to hear from you that there is a “spiritual dilemma” about not reporting to authorities. You proposed to Mr. Stewart that “a mandatory law would make easy for elders to take care for the children”. This is outrageous. Do you need a law from an inherently satanic organization to force you to do what you should have done on moral and loving principles? Do you need a worldly and sinful institution to tell you what is right and compassionate to do? Where are your self-assigned “spiritual qualifications” to truly care for the flock? What are you going to say now, that your “god used again a pagan empire to correct his chosen people”?

Geoffrey Jackson and your co-members of the Governing Body: your organization is not growing anymore. The only minimal current and localized growth is among under-developed societies who has limited access to global information. You asserted that “the Governing Body have apologized before and in this case it is perceivable”. They have never apologized. Ever! Instead, they have always blamed the brotherhood for whether “understanding things wrong”, “being presumptuously ahead”, or even unfairly “pointing out to some infiltrated individuals as the cause of the errors”. E.g. Raymond Franz. Frankly, your lies just can’t be more disgusting. Your days as an organization are clearly numbered.

Your testimony was a travesty, and an obscenity to the reality on how the 8 million of witnesses live and work every day within the tall but quickly falling walls of the Watchtower organization. I won’t beg you, nor to urge you, but demand you to give yourself and the rest of the Governing Body up to the civil authorities to be charged with these crimes against humanity, sell all the properties the Watchtower societies currently hold, and distribute the money among the current and former witnesses. You abused and killed their kids, deeply damaged their families, and stole all their hard work.


2 responses to “An Open Letter to Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson on Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

  1. You are digusting.Noone with good sense did not believe anything you said. “That’s a good question” One of your most used answers. A total lie. Why was it a good question? Explain that to me. I hope the commission puts your big butt in shackles and chains. The system should put your butt behind bars for insulting little children. Keeping a dirty congregation clean is impossible. So get off that crap- GUILTY AS SIN

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